Alcohol Questionnaire

On the 20th January 2020 the Scottish Government will launch the 'Count 14' Campaign to highlight the low-risk drinking guidelines. These guidelines recommend 14 units of alcohol per week for both men and women, spread over at least 3 days. 

How does that add up?

6 Pints = 14 Units (based on 6 x 568ml, 4% ABV)

6 Glasses of wine = 14 units (based on 6 x 175ml, 13% ABV)

7 Double spirit measures = 14 units (based on 7 x 50ml, 40% ABV)

Visit which includes interactive resources to help you find out what 14 units means in terms of drink choice, and signposts to the NHS Inform alcohol information.

Please answer the questions in the short questionnaire to enable us to assess your alcohol consumption rate and offer advice if necessary.

Alcohol Consumption Questionnaire

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